Charlotte McKinney

If you know who Charlotte McKinney is, it’s likely because she was in one of those Carls Jr burger commercials where she ate a cheeseburger on top of a car or something. It might be because she’s a model or maybe you saw her in a few of her acting roles (she was in the new ‘Baywatch’ film) but more than likely .. it was the commercial. Because of that, there’s not much to say about it her so I’ll let the sideboobs speak for themselves.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been around the acting scene for a while yet she still looks like she’s 25. One of her big breaks came in ‘The Mask of Zorro’ in 1998. She followed that up with a film called ‘Entrapment’ where she was a cat burglar. Something else happened in the movie but it didn’t matter because the entire thing was her in skintight leather clothes contorting her body in ways that the security laser beams just missed clipping her bum of her cleavage.

She’s got some GREAT NUDE SCENES if you want to head on over and check those out. Highly recommended 😀

Lili Reinhart

I regret that I’ve only got but one picture to share of Lili Reinhart but it’s a doozy. She’s best known as Betty Cooper on the CW teen-drama ‘Riverdale.’ If you’ve never seen Riverdale, it’s a gritty version of the Archie Bunker comics from back in the day. Sounds weird, right? Well, it is, but she’s hot.

Weirdly enough, she posted this photo on her Instagram to try and bring attention to the fact that Breonna Taylor’s murderers (cops) have still not been brought to justice. I guess since the entire public demanding that they be held accountable for their actions, she thought her sideboob could do it? Alas, still no more arrests.

Arrest and charge Jonathan Mattingly.

Arrest and charge Myles Cosgrove.

Arrest and charge Brett Hankison.

Kirsten Dunst

Ah, Mary Jane from Spiderman herself. Kirsten Dunst has been acting since she was a kid and getting rave reviews for (some) of it. She first popped up on most people’s radars in ‘Interview with a Vampire’ as a 12 year old. She first popped up on MY radar as a hot cheerleader in the flick ‘Bring It On.’

She’s shown off her GIANT breasts in a few films as well as some of her other ASSets so if you want more than sideboob, check it out.

Karen Gillan

I was never a big Doctor Who fan so my first glimpse at Karen Gillan was in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Yep, hot ginger in short shorts. I’m game. After that I found out she was Nebula in all of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. I’m a pretty slow learner but I’m catching up:

Screenshot from the movie ‘Not Another Happy Ending’

She’s also done some NSFW stuff in movies that is worth checking out too.


Who comes to mind when the following is brought up: no fucks given, badass, pop star queen. I mean, yes, Beyonce but ALSO Rihanna. Put it this way, was Beyonce ever an army cadet for “a sub-military programme?” Nah, she just had to live in Houston, which I guess might be worse..

Anyway, I’m off-topic. Rihanna is a pretty great singer and she freely admits to not being that great of a writer so she just sings and dances. Then she uses the money from her talents to be one of the biggest philanthropic artists of our generation. She donates money to victims of hurricanes, domestic abuse, earthquakes, poverty and most recently she TRIED TO CURE COVID-19.. in addition to donating money to those on the frontline. Anyway, you’re here for the sideboobs so I got ya..

Elle Fanning

I’ll be honest, I thought Elle Fanning was just going to be Dakota Fanning’s little sister. She’d do a few movies and disappear sort of like Joan Cusack and her relatively-unknown sister Susie Cusack. It appears that I was wrong as Elle Fanning has been racking up roles lately, plus she’s showing more skin than her sister.

Her new show ‘The Great’ is streaming on Hulu and she’s already been naked in the first episode. I highly recommend checking it out and not just because you get to see her ass almost immediately.