See? Now THAT is a sideboob!

WTF is a sideboob anyway?

What is this site about?
To be perfectly honest, this site was inspired by a Family Guy episode. The episode reminded me of how INCREDIBLY erotic sideboobs are so I decided to create this site. We will post 1 sideboob every weekday until the end of time or until we run out of photos.

What is a sideboob?
This was one of the biggest questions I asked myself while creating this site. After intense discussions with my friends, we decided to make a ruling on what can be considered a sideboob. When the outside of a womans breast is visible, it can be ruled as a valid sideboob. When the inside is visible, the bottom also has to be visible for it to be ruled as legit. If the bottom is not exposed, then it is just considered cleavage.

How can I help?
Give us pictures. That is all we need to help keep this site running. It’s hard to scrounge for photos so we need all the images we can get. If you have an image you believe to be sideboob.org material, please e-mail it to tips@sideboob.org. Your gratitude is appreciated.

Additional Info:
Because the majority of our images come from Google searches, we have no real way of telling if any of them are copyright protected. If you happen to own the rights to one of the images on our website and would like it removed, send an e-mail to tips@sideboob.org along with information on the offending image. Thanks.

Special Thanks:
This site gets a lot of help from people sending in pictures for me to post. These people all get my immense gratitude for doing a part in keeping Sideboob.org alive. Also, all of our friends that follow us on Twitter. You guys freakin’ rock.

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